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Flameless Resin Pillar Candles

Flameless resin pillar candles by Pacific Accents with 4 or 8 hour daily timers share all of the same beauty, safety and versatility as their real wax counterparts with the addition of being weather resistant.  Decorate with flameless resin pillar candles indoor or out.  Wax candles melt in direct sunlight and crack in the cold.  Flameless resin pillar candles work in all seasons and weather conditions (with the exception of the most extreme conditions). Imagine all of your flameless patio candles coming on at the same time and shutting off without you having to do it!  That's the versatility of Pacific Accents flameless candles.  Curious children or pets are completely safe around flameless candles.  You also don't have to worry about wind blowing out your conventional flamelcandles.  That means you can enjoy the warm glow of candle light in places you'd never dream of such as hard to reach indoor or outdoor sconces and fixtures.  Decorate with elegance, safety and versatility with the entire Pacific Accents Flameless Collection by Flipo.