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Flameless Pillar Candles

Flameless Candles, Flameless Pillar Candles, Battery Operated Candles

Flameless Pillar Candles are beautiful, safe and convenient.  Pacific Accents Flameless Pillar Candles are available in real wax for indoor usage and resin for indoor/outdoor use.  All of our flameless pillar candles have a built in 4 or 8 hour daily timer.  Once you select the desired time, the candle automatically shuts off and on the next day, comes back on at the same time.  Imagine the possibilities!  Use our flameless candles in locations previously not possible such as inside bookcases, on window sills or in hard to reach areas.  Pacific Accents flameless candles come in a variety of sizes.  Unleash your creative talents, be safe and not have to deal with the mess or hazards of traditional candles with Pacific Accents flameless pillar candles from Flipo.